My cel collection for auction

  1. Orange Road: Madoka in school uniform.
  2. Nadia: A very determined Nadia signed by Sadamoto!
  3. Tenchi Muyo: A somewhat surprised Ryouko.
  4. Tenchi Muyo: A mischievious Ryouko teasing Aeka at the bathhouse.
  5. Urusei Yatsura: A mature, determined Lum in her tiger-striped bikini.
  6. Video Girl Ai: A pensive Moemi consulting her teddy bear.
  7. Video Girl Ai: Ai (just out from shower) and Youta.
  8. Vodeo Girl Ai: Ai and Youta in school uniform.
  9. Windaria: Princess Ahnasu on her way down river to meet her lover.