Vidlians Screen Saver
Updated 6/19/2001

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   The Vidlians Screen Saver is another "fish tank" screen saver. It's not as pretty as most fish tank screen savers out there. But I wrote it because I wanted one where the fish exhibit interesting behaviour.

Vidlian Egg A Vidlian Egg. This is how all Vidlians begin life.
Juvenile A Juvenile Vidlian. Once a Vidlian hatches, he swims around in this form. The more pale the Vidlian, the hungrier the Vidlian.
Feeding Juvenile Vidlians feed upon eggs. Juvenile Vidlians have pretty poor eyesight. They can only see about an inch ahead of themselves, and their peripheral visions is bad, too.
Predator If a Vidlian has had a good juvenile life, but can't find enough food, that Vidlian may turn carniverous. Such Vidlians turn red, and take on this predator form. Predators have better eyesight, and they need it to catch and eat Vidlians. Once again, the more pale the predator Vidlian, the hungrier it is.

Tip: After a few generations of Vidlians, if you're not getting any predators, increase the maximum number of Vidlians or increase the average life span of the Vidlians. (They weren't growing enough during adolescence.) On the other hand, if you have too many predators eating all your adolescents, then decrease those parameters. (All the little guys were growing a little too strong and healthy.)
Updated: 6/19/2001
Download: The Vidlians Screen Saver is zipped up here: (About 40 KB).
Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP
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