Sudoku Solver

Here's a quick hack-up of a sudoku solver in Python, with a UI done with wxPython. It can serve as a UI in which you can play yourself, or it can try to solve the game for you. The solver is very primative. But the UI is fairly inuitive, and the copy/paste mechanism is pretty good. It understands most websites' representations.

Download (Engine source code. About 12 KB). (UI source code. About 21 KB). (A Windows executable. About 8MB).
Requirements To compile the souce code: Python and wxPython.
The executable should run as it is. Double-click on Sudoku.exe.
Instructions I dunno. It should be fairly intuitive. Be sure to try the sample boards in the File menu, and to experiment with "Runtime Analysis" in the Edit menu.

The fine print:
Updated 09/19/2005 (original)