RPS Society


The IMDB A good place to go to when you need to know the particulars about a movie.
Camera Theaters The Towne Theater in Santa Clara had a Hong Kong Movie Festival every other Monday and Tuesday. That was a long time ago, but they still get a link, because they're cool.

Blogs (Bloglines or NewsGator)

Joel on Software Joel has some experience at Microsoft, and has many informed insights in the software industry.
Vox Machina One of many sites developed by the winged anime girl, Zannah.
USS Clueless Steven Den Beste's excellent but copious writings on everything, with emphasis on science, electronics and stock.
The Heidi FAQ A nice counter-example to Den Beste's writings. All you need to know in four lines.
Penny Arcade One of the best and most consistent web comics.
Herb Sutter Convener of the ISO C++ Standards committee & architect of Visual C++ for Microsoft.

Game and Physics Programming

Open Dynamics Engine A freeware rigid body physics engine. Cool.
Gamasutra A good starting-off point to find articles and source for state-of-the-arts programming techniques.
The Code Project Some redundancy with Codeguru, but still worth checking out for general programming needs.
Data Structures Handy data structures for rigid-body physics.
Steering Behaviour The Boids man, Craig Reynolds, writes up some cool observations about steering behaviour for autonomous characters.
Math World Lucky for us, Eric Weisstein's Math World is back online after a year away due to legal issues. A very handy resource, especially for games programming.
Conversations Conversations with a Guru, by Herb Sutter and Jim Hyslop. An entertaining read if you want to mix your C++ arcanae with Science Fiction. Buy Herb Sutter's books, too.

Paint Shop Pro

Digital Foundry A very well-rounded site that provides tips for your image creations.
State of Entropy Another well-rounded site with lots of tips.


Chinese Poker This is a fun card game that's easy to learn. Suits don't matter, so it's easier to learn than Big Two.
Big Two (Choi Dai Di, or Da La Er) A very simple and fun four person card game. Here's a backup link.
Dominoes: 42 An easy to learn and very fun dominoes game.


Animated Chinese Characters This sites shows the proper stroke sequence for many common Chinese characters.
How Stuff Works Marshal Brain's "How Stuff Works" website is an excellent starting point when you want to look into how an everyday item really works.


Rosie Rosie VanHerp, a friend from Pinnacle Systems, where I work.
Ted Ted Pederson, another climber/father. One of my best friends since college.