Mendocino Photos

These photos are from our most recent trip to Mendocino. Every time we go, we try to stay at the very charming Roberts Bever Water Tower, which is where some of these pictures came from. If you want to, you can learn more about us. Click on the photo to see a bigger version of it.

Update: I've begun a site called My Dilemma, which contains anecdotal fatherhood stories. And I've started a RoShamBo project here.
Lillian with Flowers
Lillian in front of some flowers outside the water tower.
Water Tower
We stayed at this water tower.
David on top of the water tower.
Small white flowers
Some pretty flowers on one of our walks.
Us at Sunset
This was taken right before sunset.
David on rock
The coast near Mendocino is full of beautiful formations.
View from the Roof
This is the view of the town from the roof of the watertower.
The Light House
There's a short walk off of highway 1 to this light house.
More flowers growing right outside the water tower.