The Scoop on the Blume family
Updated 02/11/03

Click for picture of me. Who: David Blume
From: El Centro
Where: Milpitas
Work: Programmer at Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Misc: Father, Climber, Arteest. See the rest of this website for more. Avoid his life story.

Who: Lillian Blume Bastion
From: San Francisco
Where: Milpitas, of course!
Work: RN at Kaiser Permanente.
Misc: Mother, Frog owner.

Who: Madison Blume Who: Aaron Blume
From: Milpitas From: Milpitas
Where: Milpitas, silly! Where: Guess
Work: Piano, school, friends, playing. Work: Drawing, school, friends, playing.
Misc: Daughter. Joy. Misc: Son. Joy.

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