The Collide Project

Step 1: The Object Creator

Object Creator

Instructions: The Object Creator works a lot like the Microsoft Paint program. You can draw a shape using polygons, rectangles and circles, filled with a color or not. However, note that with Object Creator, the drawing you do is stored as vectorized shapes.

The shapes you create in Object Creator are meant to be put into a little 2 dimentional world in Phase 2, so you have to give them properties, like how much mass they have, where their center of gravity is, and whether they have a positive or negative charge. It's also a good idea not to make the pictures too large or complex, because you'll want to add a few to the World Simulator to watch them interact.

Drawing Tip: Use the polygon (or polyline) tool to draw a rough estimate of what you want. Then use the selection tool to select individual nodes of the polygon. You can drag them with the mouse, or use the arrow keys to move them pixel by pixel.

Updated: 12/20/99
New Features:
Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Download: The Object Creator and some data files are zipped up here: (About 25 KB).

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