Travel Tips

Legend:  Yea!  = We liked it.    Nah... = We didn't like it.

Cancun, Mexico:  This place isn't all that.  It's over-developed, and a mecca for unrestrained indulgence.   The resort row was pretty depressing, because it really highlighted the contrast between the poor locals and the rich tourists who were being treated like royalty.  There are two good things we did:  snorkeling around the bay at Club Med, and touring the grounds around the pyramid at Chichen Itza. Yea!  One thing we can tell you not to do: That's go there with undiagnosed Poison Oak!  Nah...

Mendocino, CA:  This is one of our favorite places in California!  It's definitely for the relaxed artsy type.  So, don't bother going there if you want to go out for the night life.  We heartedly recommend staying at the Water Tower!  One our most recent trip there, we took these pictures. Bring something to keep you occupied in the evenings, though.  Two strong thumbs-up!  Yea!

Vancouver, Canada:   We had a wonderful four-day weekend in Vancouver.  We flew into Seattle and drove across the border.  that worked out pretty well, and we'd probably do it that way again if it saves us a couple hundred dollars!  However, if you go for four days or less, don't bother going to Victoria for the Butchart Gardens.  It's an expensive trip that took us almost 8 hours of traveling.  (Counting driving to the ferry, the ferry itself, and driving to the gardens.)  The Gardens were immaculate, but we're not really garden-type people. Nah...   We recommend staying downtown, and walking up and town Robson street at night.  Be sure not to miss Death by Chocolate, at 1001 Denman Street at Nelson.  They live up to their tagline, the "ultimate dessert destination."  Yea! !

Australia:   We really loved our vacation in Australia.  We had two weeks there, and we decided to sacrifice the West Coast, the Outback, and the North in favor of Queensland and Sydney.  We think we made the right decision for us.  Visit Daintree, Cairns, and Sydney.  Keep an eye out for Boyd's Dragons, and Flying Foxes flying over Cairnes at night!  What a sight!  Yea!

Kauai, Hawaii:   We spent one glorious week in Kauai. Baggage claim in Kauai sucks. Some quick recommendations: Mima's for Thai food in Kapaa. Staying in Kapaa is a good idea anyway, because then you're in the center of everything. Kayak the Wailua river to the Secret Falls. The Fern Grotto isn't that special. Go to the Wishing Well up north for the best shave ices.   Yea!

Orlando, Florida:   We spent about a week in Orlando, Florida in April, '02. It's already a little hot in Orlando in April, so we'd suggest going only in winter. Also, a week isn't enough time to spend in Orlando, there really is too much to do. Our favorite thing in Orlando was seeing Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba. Don't miss it! It's one of the best Cirque performances. Yea!  We enjoyed the tastey food at Wolfgang Puck's stylish restaurant in downtown Disney, but walked out from Emeril's too posh and expensive restaurant in Universal. Orlando is geared towards kids who can appreciate Disney, or teens who'd love the rides and nightlife. Otherwise, it's really not all that.