02/11/2003 Had another baby. Retiring this "Updated" list, since new content can be tracked at my dilemma.
01/14/2002 Fixed a few dead links. Added some more baby pictures.
10/08/2001 Fixed a few dead links. Updated the links page. Added a new screensaver.
12/06/2000 Baby Madison arrives!
9/22/2000 Some general cleanup, and added some more pictures.
8/02/2000 Updated both SpidersSaver and VidliansSaver with installers.
7/21/2000 Added the SpidersSaver screen saver.
4/11/2000 Some more cleanup, and added the life story.
3/19/2000 Some general cleanup and reorganization. The links page and the coffee cup are new. Spicing up the downloads page. There's also a not-so-hidden resume.
1/9/2000 Added the Vidlians Screen Saver to the Downloadable page.
12/25/99 Made the collide project part of the main home page.
12/03/99 Added the Collide Project.
10/16/99 Added the splash screen. Fixed some dead links and improved some formatting. Added the blind spot article to the Know This section.
9/22/99 Removed the Computer page, and replaced it with the Great Stuff to Know page.
9/18/99 Removed the Sports page (updating the Climbing page), and replaced it with the Travel Tips page.
9/7/99 Added the pictures page.  Guess every personal homepage has to have em.  :-)  Also updated the favorites page.
8/10/99 Changed some of the look, undated some info.  Added pics to my old cels.
12/2/98 Added this link to my auction items. (8/8/99 removed.)
11/22/98 General maintenance.  Cleaned up dead links, and cleared out obsolete favorites.
04/20/98 Added a link to the maps to our wedding.
04/15/98 Updated a few pages to remove cobweb sites, and add new favorites.  Games and Magazines in particular have been updated.
03/02/98 Updated Easter Egg page to include my new ReelTime Easter Egg.
10/09/97 Added Red Rocks climbing report and pictures.
9/15/97 Updated picture of myself, and added two (cute!) pictures of Lillian. (Accessible by the personal page.) Added knot link to climbing page, and fixed an out-dated frog link.
9/04/97 Updated Keiko Matsui's page addresses. Updated my climbing links (removed Allez and added two new pages).
7/28/97 Added a grayscale picture of myself. Changed girlfriend to fiancee (Yea!). Changed the Battle Angel Alita link, too.
5/23/97 Corrected Clarus's name. Made the link to the frog page more apparent by putting a link in the text. Expanded the upcoming section. Added Next Generation to my Magazines section.
5/21/97 Fixed Clarus. Added link to frog page for Bastion. Shrank room map. Added this history page.
5/07/97 Added Rock and Grove and updated the climbing page.
4/10/97 Added my Easter eggs. (Accessible by my personal page.) Added home link to all of my sub-pages.
2/26/97 The first version with the image map and tables with graphics.
2/20/97 Original. No pictures, just some links to my most frequently accessed pages.